The Barbie Collection:

For girls who do as they’re told!


The following catalogue contains triggering and/or sensitive material. Sexual violence, sexual assault and abuse are the main topics mentioned within this book. The main aim is to encourage discomfort and evoke emotion, but not to hurt, or upset anyone. I acknowledge the lack of diversity and these images are not representative of all cases, only fictional or my own personal experiences.

This project was in answer to a brief on ‘Haptics’. (the perception of objects by touch and proprioception, especially as involved in non-verbal communication."haptics is that subsystem of non-language communication which conveys meaning through physical contact") I used Barbie dolls as my medium as they are a children’s toy that has always been sexualised and has been talked about with regards to their sexualised and unrealistic bodies. I felt that using a child’s toy will highlight the innocence lost and would make the project even more uncomfortable.